Learning to sew was on my bucket list for a very long time. I've always been into creating. For years, I have been on the go with my watercolor brushes or with my camera taking pictures of all type of things from landscapes to people and food. 

I was happy with my creations but something was missing. Things began to change with Motherhood. I wanted to create things for my kids, something different with my color palette (not only pink and blue!), and my taste. So, I started, slowly...

Living far away from France was tough. I missed all the nice French decoration ideas for kids. I had to learn!... So I went to a sewing class in a Community College. I learned the basic skills, but didn't really like the cupcakes fabric skirt project! So, by myself, I began to improve my technique and a few years later, after a lot of encouraging feedback from my friends about my "home made" gifts for their babies and kids, I decided to open my own business/website to sell my creations. 

You will find several products sections: Babies, Decor, Bags and Accessories. Just click on them and you will find the different categories inside each section. I am on my own for this project, so I plan to add stock slowly but please feel free to contact me if you have some questions or requests. I will add new items and new fabrics and will post them on Instagram on a regular basis. 

And last but not least, I would like to address a very special thank you to my friend Esther Hiamang. She listened to all my ideas and requests (sometimes not so clear in my head...), and after many hours of work (& fun), I am now able to have my own space to present my creations and a logo that perfectly fits me.

Esther, you have all my Gratitude. 

I hope you will enjoy Paul et Madeleine!

Welcome! Bienvenus!